Sunday, June 14, 2020


"Even this shall pass"

A mantra that cheers

Is there anyone among us who does not wish to be happy? That’s unlikely. However, happiness and sorrow do not drop from the skies. Your thoughts are the cause of happiness and sorrow. Even if you are in a happy state, and a sad thought enters your mind, you suddenly feel unhappy, isn’t it? If you want to be ever cheerful, remember the following mantra: “Even this shall pass.” Let this be inscribed indelibly in your heart. With the practice of this mantra, you can remain alert in the event of both pleasure and pain and stop yourself from getting engrossed in them. Then, you can establish yourself in the supreme bliss of equanimity. Pairs of opposites such as pleasure and pain, honour and insult, joy and sorrow affect the body. They will come and go in a greater or lesser degree so long as the body exists. Do not be overwhelmed by them. You are the absolute Self, imperishable Atman while pleasures and pains are fleeting. How can they ever affect you? They have no existence of their own. In fact, they appear on the ground of your existence. You are distinct from them. Hence witness them, withstand them, and let them pass away. Be ever blissful and peaceful. There is no object that brings pleasure or pain. They are creations of your mind, your thoughts and feelings. With the help of these thoughts be absorbed in your own eternal Being, the Truth absolute and be always peaceful. You are the Supreme Bliss, Brahmn personified. It is your Self that dwells in all. The happiness that appears in the world is in fact just a glimpse of Self-bliss. It is your inner bliss but because of your ignorance, you think it is obtained from external objects of sense pleasures. Just as the sun’s reflection in the water is not the real sun but is merely an illusory appearance thereof, so also is the pleasure experienced through sense-enjoyments – it is not real bliss. It is an illusion, not real. Supreme Brahmn alone is existence, consciousness and bliss absolute. It is the One absolute reality which appears as existence, consciousness and bliss in different beings. But one who has a pure heart beholds the Lord as the One, non-dual Reality. A person prayed to Swami Ramatirtha, “Swamiji! Bless me that I become king of the world.” Swami Ramatirtha asked him, “What will you do if you become so?” The man replied, “I will be pleased and happy.” Swami Ramatirtha said, “Suppose you become a king, you will still come across many miseries in your life since the things through which you seek pleasure are themselves transient. They never remain with anybody forever, then how will they stay with you? Better than that, if you renounce the desire for seeking pleasure from transient things you will attain supreme bliss right now. That would be greater than the happiness you can derive from your dream kingdom.” The mind becomes peaceful when it overcomes desires; then you can experience imperishable bliss. True peace lies only in the renunciation of desires. A content person alone can remain happy. Even a millionaire is bankrupt without contentment. A content person is the wealthiest of all. He alone attains peace. Appreciate the present. Overcome greed and be content with what you have. Give thanks to God. Then you could help others achieve bliss.

Monday, September 22, 2014

पीछे मुड़ कर देखा तो पाया
             कितने रँग थे जीवन में
अक्सर ठगा, हारा महसूस किया
             फिर भी जीवन भरपूर जिया
क्योंकि एहसास था कि....
               जीवन जिसने दिया है
उसी ने तय किये है ये रास्ते मेरे लिए
                        मुझको चलते जाना था
मुश्किलों से पार पाते हुए।
                           हिम्मत ना हारते हुए
रास्ते खुद बनाते हुए
                             आगे बढ़ते जाना था
नीचे पथरीले रास्ते  थे
                             पर  ऊपर उसका हाथ था
विश्वास ना छोड़ा हिम्मत  ना हारी
                      जीना था तो जीतना था
क्योंकि हार तो अन्त है
                   तो सोचा
 ए बन्दे कायर मत बन
                    खुद पर भरोसा रख
उसका साथ  ही तेरी  हिम्मत है
                      आगे  बढ़ता जा ,जीवन जिए जा
जिसने जीवन दिया उसको जीत कर दिखा।
                                 by jyoti kakkar-who lives for today

Thursday, August 22, 2013

WE THE HOUSEWIVES- by jyotikakkar (who lives for today)

Last night I organized dinner at my place. We all enjoyed karaoke singing with nice Chinese food.
When the guests went back, I left the whole mess as it was with the idea to watch the TV and relax.
My happiness turned its direction and worry took its place when at early morning I woke up to realize that fan was not working because inverter's battery was completely used throughout the night.

I decided to leave the bed. It was a lazy morning due to the hangover of last nights enjoyable party so I was relaxing with tea and newspaper when my friend called up to inform me that our common domestic help has sent her a message that she is not coming today on duty.
Still, I took it patiently because I had an option in my hand of another maid who comes after 11 in the morning.
And we the housewives are very alert when only one ball remaining to win the I called my another friend where my 2nd helper works before coming to my house.and for my dismay that friend told me that she was just going to call me to inform that the maid is not coming today

   Now here comes the motive of the story. I started working patiently took 2 hours to finish it, keeping in my mind that I have got the chance to test my physical stamina.and took my work as a physical exercise.I didn't lose my temper .kept singing while working. I'm satisfied that I have cleared this physical fitness test.I'm happy to find myself physically and mentally fit though I'm not sure whether ill is able to maintain this calmness if again tomorrow they will not turn up.
After 18 hours the electric transformer is still not repaired. Our government is not so efficient like we the housewives who clear all the mess without delay.
With this electricity failure, u lack many facilities like fan, TV etc. But God is still helping me. Weather is awesome so I'm enjoying it sitting on the roof while telling you my today's story.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

My favorite lyrics

Zindagi kya hai? (Film-astitva, sung by sukhvinder)

Zindagi khaula samandar jismein doobi kishtiyan
Zindagi veeran banzar jismein uth gai bastiyaan
Jis ko kehte ho janam vo maut ki shuruaat hai.

Itna na maayus ban tu, kar zara zinda dili
Kyon nahi dikhti tumhe vo kabr per khilti kali
Jisko kehte ho andhera, din ki vo shuruaat hai

Thursday, August 8, 2013

HAVE FAITH IN GOD AND BE IN PEACE. By - jyotikakkar( Who lives for today)

Remember, the problem is the companion of your life. You don’t want to move with them but they will go along with you throughout your journey of life. They are like an unwanted part of your life. And you have to move with them.
Look at your past. You will see that at every stage of your life you were dealing with some kind of problem. Though you had many good things also but again if you recall, you will find that at every  stage how restless you were about those problems.
At every age, be it childhood, when you were teen, even now and at every place- when in school, college or in the job, with every relation -schoolmates, family or neighbour,.when and where you were relaxed. You were always moving with some kind of problem. and every time you were cursing your luck., thinking that you are always in a difficult situation. What does it mean? Did you never have a happy time in your life? No, You had. many good things also but you did not enjoy them because you were thinking only about your problem, cursing your luck because your full attention was on the darker side. 
You could make your life better by focusing on both sides. While enjoying good things and by dealing with problems with your full capability and patience.
    Problems are an adverse situation in different fields like the financial problem, at work problem, health problem or with any relation.
   The difference is only this that at a young age you were innocent so you were taking small things very seriously. but now at this mature age, you will not be considered wise if you will do so.
Just close your eyes and concentrate on your restlessness. Is the problem really so intense that it affects your life so badly? Can you be happy if you ignore it?
If you find a problem so serious that you are feeling helpless and you want to get rid of this situation, you want to win then you have to be bold. Deal with it with the determination that you are strong enough to face it. You fight to win and leave rest to god. At the end, if you win then celebrate And if you loose then again you be in peace telling yourself that it was a hurdle, you tried your best and God has decided it for you and all was in his hand. I had to give this exam and I gave it with all my strength.
     Keep in mind only one line that -
                                                            you have to be in peace.
                                                                     jyoti -  who lives for today

Saturday, March 9, 2013

VENTING MY EMOTIONS. By-jyotikakkar(who lives for today)

 I spoiled my weekend and one whole day with Aayanger yoga .Very-2 bad experience. Now i call it "anger yoga" because teacher was only shouting and was insulting us on our dresses, on ourpostures and mistakes. I don't know why i tolerated her.perhaps because i'm not impatient like her.i wanted to tell her to go and join art of living classes for anger management. So on 2nd day many participants did not come and left the course .

i think yoga makes u calm, polite,gentle person. It brings peace of mind.It teaches u how to deal with the weird situations of your life,.how to deal with the different kind of people,different kind of situations in a balanced manner.

And the best thing which i learnt from AOL is the "LET GO" policy. Bt today's experience was horrible.I'm struggling to throw it from my mind. I'm restless since i left the class..whole day every student age ranges 35 to 75 got scolded by the teacher.

I'm amazed how a yoga teacher can be an angry person. Her attitude was miserable.Whole day she was in hyper mood and angry so neither she was happy nor she was spreading happiness.Instead she created atmosphere of fear and restlessness.Nobody was doing it interestingly.Everybody was waiting for the end of the class.

But one can learn from any situation .So i also learnt.

    I learnt that we should behave in such manner that nobody gets hurt. 

   If we are teacher we have to be patient.A student goes to a teacher to learn not to get scolded.Every student have the different capacity of mind and body.

   If a student is doing mistake she/he should tell him/her that " here you are doing wrong u should do it like this" instead of saying that "you are hopeless", "what to do with you" type sentences.Such behavior of a teacher gives student an inferiority complex,discourages him/her and student loose respect towards teacher.

    I remember 5 years back when i did basic course of art of living  I read about the course in a daily news paper of Dehradun and i joined it just because i loved their bhajans. i didn't know anything about this course .It was a six days course and at the end of the 6th day we all were sad that course had finished so soon.It brought so much change in my thinking, views and behavior. After that i did two repetition of same course just because i learnt and i enjoyed. 

I'm not doing propaganda of "Art Of Living " course but i joined it by chance No body called me to join the course and no body told me to repeat the course.I'm talking about it because i liked it.I came out from the hall in happiest mood.

    But I possess a bold and strong mind which "let go" others with their attitude and i'm a person who deals with my weaknesses myself and moves on with the strong points of my personalities.
                                 jyoti kakkar 

                                                --who lives for today

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WHAT I REALIZED TODAY. By- jyotikakkar (who lives for today)

The very first thing I do after leaving my bed in the morning near about 5 am is to switch on the radio. Thus I start my day with the bhajans on FM which goes till 7. When the radio stops playing bhajans then I listen to music on my music player according to my mood. Sometimes again bhajans, Sometimes old songs sm times my playlist. Anyhow there should be music. otherwise, I can't work in my kitchen.

So today I was washing clothes while listening to bhajans. Side by side I was arranging the kitchen also when the old songs were playing on the radio. Suddenly electricity went off. 

In the morning when I was in a relaxed mood. (out of house working people jealous of me?) and was not in a hurry for any household work, I didn't realize when I started humming the songs while working in the kitchen. I only realized when I noticed that I was unable to sing the full song because I had forgotten the lines of the songs which I used to sing very often sm years ago. And if u love music u can understand that how u get restless when u r trying to recall the lines and fail. I told my self I shouldn't have had put my hobby in the backspace after getting married.

Songs were...


I thought now I'll give time daily to my singing passion though my thyroid gland is not working properly so the voice has become hoarse and can't sing in much "sur" still I'll start singing from now.

 An idea came to my mind to play the songs on my laptop. And I want to tell you that what did this idea do to this "determined to sing "lady.

I brought my laptop. Put that on the cabinet. outside my kitchen. Connected the speakers. and switch that on.
dows appeared wid beautiful picture of my daughter. I appreciated my photography skills. The cursor was moving towards "my playlist".

Again an idea came to my mind that I should first check my Facebook a/c.and that was the end of my musical mood. It is 9 in the morning and I have missed my yoga, clothes are still in the washing machine. I'm still in my nightgown.while my husband is about to be back after playing badminton. I have not done my daily pooja. and I have yet not planned the menu for breakfast.

I wrote this just to tell u what I realised today. I that I'm loosing so much just to see the pics, who went where what my kids & friends r talking about.


So I'm thinking to not check my Facebook page in the early hours.

                                                  Jyoti -
                                                        who lives for today